We are a company with presence in the Americas focused on providing Software and Hardware solutions.

Professional services, Technology Integration

Our Mission

Become a business partner by providing innovative ideas to enhance the long-term outcome for our clients.

Our Vision

Take the business of the customer as the center of the strategy of the solution, giving you the alternatives in a manner agnostic, offering security through our knowledge of the technology.

Our Organization

Trabajamos conjuntamente con las principales marcas del mercado, nuestros Ingenieros y Ejecutivos de venta cuentan con las certificaciones requeridas y una amplia experiencia en el mercado de IT.

Partner, LENOVO

Focus is not just a software application, but that is the whole of processes that we have been designing and redesigning these years, is the team work that empowers and grows day-to-day, is the network of Partners who work with us as business partners and the quality system adopted to ensure the quality of service and customer satisfaction.


Quick-EDD / HA

Assure QuickEDD is a complete solution for high availability and disaster recovery, designed to protect applications and the loss of critical data on IBM i. At the same time that it protects you from downtime so simple and efficient.

Assure Security

Enables your organization to comply with the regulations of cyber security, and strengthen the security of IBM i controlling access to systems and data

IT Infrastructure

We focus on facilitating the integration of Software and Hardware solutions through a wide network of Partners specially selected in all of Latin America.

Precisely Connect

Precisely Connect makes it easy to capture, transform, improve and replicate data between databases, operating systems, and platforms for physical, virtual or in the cloud.

Change Management

Complete System of Change Management and Distribution of Applications for the System i (iSeries – AS400) and Windows systems, Unix and Linux

Flash For i

Without interrupting production, Flash for i performs "snapshots" of your partition from the IBM i to facilitate many operations, such as backup, data extraction and creation of test environments.


Inclusive Infrastructure

The biggest challenge for companies today, it is the interaction with different infrastructure providers, and that is why in Sinaptrix we focus on facilitating such interaction by integrating Software and Hardware solutions through a wide network of Partners specially selected in all of Latin America.


Powered servers

Structured Cabling

Fiber Optic

Our Main Customers

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